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Coach Carly Handbags August 5, 2008

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Have you met Carly yet? Carly is larger than life! She is thin and trim. Really she is pretty bitchin’! Didn’t you know that the first handbag designed for Coach was influenced by a brown paper shopping bag? Since 1962 the inspiration for Coach’s handbags, purses and totes has not changed much.

It seems now more then ever, we demand functionality as well as practicality from a purse that is big enough for us to cautiously stow away what we cannot leave behind. Besides the mundane everyday squibs such as a cell phone, wallet and keys, there are some things that we need at times but don’t want to share, or want to keep confidential. So what does a girl want but not want to show?

She secretly craves Mr. Handsome but doesn’t want to reveal to him that she has already invited herself to spend the evening with him in his cozy bed. I mean you could prepare a tote bag and hide it in your car just in case. Then when he asks you to stay with him for the weekend, you run out to your car to pick up your bag but that doesn’t really scream romance does it? It is one thing to be prepared but another to seem eager don’t you think?

Carly isn’t like that! She is lightweight enough so that you can store your unmentionables and necessities without looking like you are ready to move in with him. The mysteries of a woman are held securely zipped inside the Large Carly Leather Signature purse, handbag or tote.

Can you imagine yourself on a date with Mr. Handsome using a tote that doesn’t zip and accidentally disclosing your smutty intentions? Oops! Mr. Handsome suddenly gets a phone call and now finds Mr. Guys-guy’s birthday party down at O’Connell’s more interesting than your skivvies and toothbrush. Don’t be cheap, be discrete or you will send Mr. Handsome running to Mr. Guys-guy all because you didn’t want to spend a little extra money on a Coach. We don’t always know what life will bring so being prepared is being practical without looking like Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) from The Breakfast Club.

How many ways can you mess around? Two. They are called cleaning up the mess around the restaurant floor after spilling the intimate things from your purse, or there is cleaning up the mess around the bedroom floor after messing around with Mr. Handsome all weekend. I don’t know about you but I would much rather mess around with Mr. Handsome.

Besides Coach’s Carly Large handbags serving our greater function, the Signature Large Carly Coach comes in many variant designs. The prototypic Carly Coach LARGE Authentic Khaki/Black Purse Handbag and Signature Denim with leather trim Carly’s are my personal favorites. I cherish the size and durability of these handbags as well as the crinkle patent leather trim and signature lightweight fabric.

The Signature Carly’s are made with either Coach’s patent leather or canvas fabrics ranging from holiday fads arranged with warm browns, oranges, reds and blacks, to summer fashions in blue, pink and white as well as tradition colors.

Carly is more than a lady, she is a Coach!

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